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  • Osmo Decking Cleaning Scrub Brush (150mm) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo Decking Cleaning Scrub Brush (150mm)

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    A deck cleaning brush for cleaning wooden decking boards Designed for use with Osmo Wood Reviver Gel The Osmo Decking Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning wooden garden decking and it is designed to be used with Osmo Wood Reviver Gel. This decking brush can be attached to the Osmo Telescopic Handle (sold separately) for ease of use.

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  • Osmo UV-Protection Oil Tints

    Osmo UV-Protection Oil Tints

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    Please Note: Colours were developed to appear in harmony with their respective wood species e.g. 426 Larch for Larch wood projects. The wood’s natural colour and character will influence the final result. Plus, the darker the colour, the stronger the UV-resistance. Please always trial apply! All exterior woods grey into a patina colour over time, however UV-Protection Oil Tints have been developed to maintain the wood's natural colour with the use of pigments to optimally match the wood's natural characteristics. Ideal for windows, doors, cladding, fencing and other vertically structured joinery (not recommended for flat surfaces such as decking). Natural oil-based and microporous finish does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. Osmo 425 Oak UV Protection Oil gives optimal protection from the sun, similar to Osmo 420 but it improves the UV resistance further by also having a small amount of Oak pigment. The oak pigment will darken the wood slightly and accentuate the wood grain but we recommend ALWAYS do a test before application, sample sachet available. For exterior use only. Especially recommended for vertical surfaces such as timber cladding, windows and doors Prolongs the renovation time significantly when used as a top coat for staining wood Contains active ingredients for the preventative protection against algae and fungal decay. Key features Coverage (m2) per Litre: 18 Base: Solvent Paint Application: Brush, Roller Suitable Substrate: Exterior Woodwork, Window Frames, Doors Exterior: Exterior Drying Time: 12 Hours PREPARATION Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 20%). UV-Protection-Oil Tints is ready to use. Do not thin. Stir well using a flat stirring stick or spatula before use. Ideally, surfaces are sanded no finer than a P120 grit grade of sand paper. Sanding to finer grades will reduce required absorbency.If possible, and if the wood is absorbent, please apply first coat to all sides before installation. Fresh wood containing natural wood ingredients /extractives (eg:  Cedar, Teak, Mahogany or Iroko) are often less absorbent and need to weather off first before applying the product. Please refer to website ‘Suitability’ section for more details. Weathering helps ingredient rich wood become more absorbent and the wood finish adheres optimally. For renovation works, clean old microporous stains thoroughly – if necessary sand lightly. Clean and restore already greyed or weathered wood at the same time with Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel. Old paints and lacquers must be completely removed. As a general rule, wear a dust mask during sanding works. To maintain absorbency, avoid sanding surfaces finer than a P120 grit. Weather ingredient rich wood after sanding.The finished surface is influenced by several factors, including the condition of the wood. Therefore, a trial application is always required, especially for unfamiliar surfaces. Soft wood species like Pine or Spruce are more prone to blue stain, rot and insects. If desired, pre-treat these soft woods if possible on all sides with Osmo WR Base Coat. APPLICATION With Osmo Flat Brush or Osmo Microfibre Roller, apply thinly along the wood grain and spread well.Allow to dry for approx. 12 hours under good ventilation.Then apply the second coat.Alternatively the second coat can also be carried out with UV-Protection-Oil Extra Clear.When recoating colour treated surfaces, or for renovation works, one coat applied to the clean and dry surface is usually sufficient.

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  • Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax Clear 375ml (5735) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax Clear 375ml (5735)

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    Osmo End Grain sealer protects the ends of decking and other wood types. Ideal for interior and exterior use as it has excellent weather, water and dirt resistance which minimises swelling and shrinkage whilst protecting against cracks and preventing bleeding. This clear sealer has a microporous formulation which gives a breathable finish that does not peel, flake or crack. Safe for human, animal and plant once dry.   Key Features Protects edge grain of decking against cracks Prevents wood ingredients from bleeding High weather resistance Safe for human, animal and plant once dry Very water and dirt resistant Minimises wood swelling and shrinkage Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake Suitable for interior and exterior use   Application  SURFACE PREPARATION Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 20%).Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax is ready to use. Do not thin. Stir well.The finished surface is influenced by several factors, including the condition of wood. Therefore, a trial application is always required, especially for unfamiliar surfaces. METHOD OF APPLICATION With Osmo Flat Brush, apply generously to end grains.To achieve an optimal protection for strongly absorbing end grains, we recommend applying the sealing wax two times wet-in-wet or after drying carry out a second coat. NOTE Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax is clear and therefore it can be applied universally.Please only apply to end grains. Not for area treatment. Wipe away any excess wax from other surfaces with a cloth.Oils enhance the natural tone of wood (permanent wet effect). After drying, we recommend coating the other wood surfaces with Osmo wood finishes (e.g. Bangkirai-Oil, Massaranduba-Oil, Country Colour or Natural Oil Woodstain). Using power washers will severely decrease the coverage of the finish and general or multi-purpose cleaners will increase the frequency of maintenance and recoating. OVERVIEW Osmo End Grain Sealing Wax protects the end grain from cracks during all elements of weathering. Minimises the water absorption, as well as the seasoning of the end grains. The surface is water and dirt resistant. Swelling and shrinking as well as ‘bleeding’ of the contents of the wood will be reduced. It is clear and is therefore universally applicable.

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  • Osmo Decking Cleaner 1L - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo Decking Cleaner 1L

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    Highly effective cleaning power Osmo Decking Cleaner is a highly effective concentrate for cleaning untreated or oiled wooden decking and garden furniture. It is water soluble for quick, easy and thorough decking maintenance. Key Features  The surface becomes resistant against soiling and water. Approx. coverage : 30-100m²/L. Application SURFACE PREPARATION Remove loose debris from the surface with a firm broom/hand broom. METHOD OF APPLICATION Add Osmo Decking Cleaner to mop water (dosage depends on level of contamination, 1:25 up to max.1:1). Clean the wood along the wood grain with Osmo Decking Cleaning Brush.For a machine application, we recommend using Osmo Decking and Flooring Cleaning Machine.After cleaning, rinse with clear water. NOTE Avoid direct contact with ornamental and farm plants.To refresh/treat already greyed areas, we recommend using Osmo Wood Reviver Power-Gel. After the surface has dried, we recommend applying a pigmented Osmo Decking-Oil (e.g. Bangkirai-Oil or Larch-Oil).

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  • Bona Decking Oil Neutral 2.5L - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Bona Decking Oil Neutral 2.5L

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    Bona Decking Oil provides outdoor decking with long-lasting protection against all forms of weather, from snow to sunlight. Its unique formula enhances the natural wood grain, while reducing the risk for cracking and warping. It also contains UV protection against bleaching. With easy application and quick drying, it is the perfect partner for outdoor decking protection. Base: Modified vegetable oils Category: Hardening oil, 1-comp Drying time (until use): 24 h Application tools: Wide brush or mohair roller Coverage: Approx. 20m ½/litre

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