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Delve into the world of color and finish with our Morrells Wood Stains collection, designed to bring out the best in your woodwork. Our selection boasts a diverse range of shades and types, catering to every stylistic preference and project requirement. Morrells Wood Stains are renowned for their deep penetration, vibrant tones, and long-lasting durability, making them a top choice for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to enhance the natural grain of your wooden furniture or seeking a specific hue for a bespoke project, our Morrells range provides the perfect blend of quality and variety. Elevate your wood finishing with Morrells Wood Stains for a result that is as durable as it is beautiful.

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  • Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain

    Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain

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    A range of fast drying alcohol-based stains suitable for spray, dip and hand application. Formulated to provide excellent grain definition and depth of colour on all wooden substrates including floors. Morrells Light Fast Wood Stain are non-grain raising and resist colour fading due to light fast pigments. Morrells Light Fast Wood Stains are professional products appropriate for all interior wood applications. Application instructions can be found in the data sheet. Morrells Light Fast Wood Stains must be sealed with a lacquer, such as Bona Lacquers, to seal in and protect the colour. Pack size: 1L, 5L Touch dry: 15 - 30 minutes @ 18°C Recoatable: 15 - 30 minutes @ 18°C. For flooring, 2 hours minimum before sealer/topcoat Coats: 1 - 2 Coverage: 8 - 12m² per litre dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated Packing: Overnight minimum dependent on the conditions

    142 in stock

    £14.99 - £59.99

  • Morrells One-Part Coloured Wood Filler 250ml

    Morrells One-Part Coloured Wood Filler 250ml

    73 in stock

    A range of ready-for-use water-based wood fillers developed for filling pin holes, nail holes and other small imperfections on wood for internal use. They are formulated to be applied by either knife or scraper and are available in a variety of colours. The standard range consists of a selection of the most widely used wood colours. Formulated on a careful selection of quality raw materials, they have good adhesion and anchorage properties coupled with minimal shrinkage and absorption. They are quick drying with excellent sanding properties. For hand application the softer 47 – Hand Stopper is recommended. This one-part wood filler cannot be used for repairing damaged edges, corners and other more significant damages, however Morrells Two-Part Wood Filler can be used for such repairs. Application Apply the one part wood filler directly on to the timber using a knife or scraper Apply the one part wood filler in slight excess to allow for shrinkage during drying Deep holes should not be filled with the one part wood filler in a single operation due to the risk of excessive shrinkage and crumbling of the dried filler Leave to dry overnight for thorough hardening Sand away excess dried filler with 180-240g water-lubricated sandpaper Surface is now prepared for normal finishing Drying: Overnight Equipment cleaning: Hot water

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  • Morrells SCANDI Wood Stains

    Morrells SCANDI Wood Stains

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    The Morrells range of SCANDI stains has been inspired by Nordic design and consists of classic wood shades and contemporary pigmented colours. All are lightfast and suitable for wooden substrates. Formulated to provide excellent grain definition and depth of colour while maintaining lightfastness. SCANDI pigmented stains have been designed with a longer drying time to better suit rag-on-rag-off applications, allowing greater control of colour and grain definition. Suitable for tinting pre-catalyst lacquers up to a maximum of 5% by volume. For flooring applications, a minimum of 2 hours to dry must be given before sealing and topcoating. Drying and recoat time will vary with temperature, humidity and absorption of the timber. SCANDI stains must be topcoated. If topcoating with manually-applied flooring lacquer, use waterbased products only. Preparation Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from old finishes, dust, dirt, oil and other contaminants. Pre-sand with 180 grit sand paper prior to stain application to avoid patchy or uneven drying. Test patch It is advisable to test the colour in an inconspicuous area or on a spare piece of substrate.  Note The SCANDI range contains pigments that will settle with time. Ensure the stain is thoroughly mixed before use and at regular intervals to ensure consistent colour. Hand staining Use a soft, white, lint-free cloth. Avoid using coloured or printed rags as dyes can bleed into the stain and cause discolouration. Apply the stain wet to the whole surface to avoid uneven penetration and then remove excess with a clean cloth. For larger surfaces it may be appropriate to apply the stain in sections. When removing excess stain, work with the direction of grain. Spray application Spray apply an even wet coat Remove excess with a soft, white, lint-free cloth, working with the direction of the grain. Wiping off process can enhance the evenness of the colour and highlight the grain definition and the natural figuring of the substrate.  Dip application Plunge or controlled dip can be undertaken Wipe off excess stain with a clean, white, lint-free cloth, working with the direction of the grain. Pack size: 1L, 5L, 25L Touch dry: 60 minutes @ 18°C Recoatable: 60 minutes @ 18°C Coats: 1-2 Coverage: 8m² per litre dependent upon the size, orientation and surface quality of the item being coated Packing: Overnight minimum dependent on the conditions

    66 in stock

    £19.33 - £82.00

  • Morrells Light Fast Thinners - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Morrells Light Fast Thinners

    4 in stock

    Thinners for use with Morrells Light Fast Stains.

    4 in stock

    £11.28 - £34.42

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