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Bona Lacquers

Bona Wood Floor Lacquers

Introducing our Bona Wood Floor Lacquers collection, where innovation meets tradition to protect and enhance the natural beauty of your wood floors. Crafted with care and designed for durability, our lacquers are the perfect finishing touch for your wood floor projects.

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  • Bona Mega

    Bona Mega

    44 in stock

    Bona Mega lacquer is an oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane finish, ideal for heavy domestic and light commercial timber flooring, offering superb protection against spills. Its innovative formulation has proven perfectly suited to wooden floors with high movement, planks and underfloor heating. Waterborne lacquer with high chemical resistance. Key benefits 1K simplicity with 2K performance No side-bonding, ideal for underfloor heating, plank floors etc  Dispersion mainly consisting of plant-based oil Excellent resistance to scuff marks and common chemicals GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions   Bona mega technical data sheet

    44 in stock

    £25.69 - £128.02

  • Bona Mega One - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Bona Mega One

    34 in stock

    Your one partner in wood floor treatment. Quick to dry, easy to abrade and excellentbuild characteristics. Bona Mega ONE focuses on simplifying the craftsman workingday for quicker and easier jobs with great reliability. It brings out a nice, warm woodcolouration while establishing a long-lasting protection for wooden floors in domesticand medium wear commercial environments. Can be used with or without primer. Coverage Up to 10m² per litre Drying time 1h 30m High build characteristics Quick drying Excellent sanding properties Non-yellowing

    34 in stock

    £27.53 - £112.77

  • Bona Traffic HD - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Bona Traffic HD 4.54L

    33 in stock

    Bona Traffic HD 5L (with hardener). A lacquer offering ultimate durability and an extremely fast hardness development time - meaning the floor can go back into full use after just 12 hours.An ideal choice for shops and public locations where minimal downtime is important and the highest possible durability is required. Its low emissions and low odour make it possible to use without vacating the adjacent areas and ensures there is no lingering smell. Non yellowing formulation.KEY BENEFITS Allows full traffic after 12 hours, extremely fast hardness development time Ultimate durability EC1RPLUS approved. The industry's best possible assurance against indoor air pollution for a high level of health protection and environmental compatibility Suitable for recoating pre-finished surfaces Very low odour Non-yellowing Friction approved to both EN 14904:2006 and DIN 18032:2

    33 in stock

    £147.75 - £170.16

  • Bona Traffic HD Raw 4.54L

    Bona Traffic HD Raw 4.54L

    6 in stock

    Bona Traffic HD Raw 5L (4.54L includes hardener 0.41L). Offers a high level of protection for wooden floors while maintaining the look and feel of untreated wood. A premium product for a premium look. Its unique surface structure creates a soft, haptic feeling which is not only a pleasure to walk on but has a high slip safety making it great for homes with children and pets. Safe in both application and in use as shown in EC1PLUS classification for very low impact on the indoor air environment. Clear, non-yellowing formula. To enhance the raw appearance apply a primer coat (1st coat) of Bona Natural Primer. Key benefits  Keeps the look and feel of raw wood Lacquered protection with natural impression Easy and safe to apply (recommended Bona Super Coat Roller) High slip safety Ultra matt finish Unmatched speed and durability Allows full traffic after 12 hours Excellent flow and levelling Low in odour and VOC (<5%) Technical Datasheet download.PDF FAQ _______________________________________________________________________ Q. Do I have to mix all of the lacquer and hardener together at the same time? A. No, however it is important to get the mixing correct, we would recommend purchasing a Bona mixing bottle, this will allow for precise measuring.  _______________________________________________________________________ Q. What is the untreated/raw look of timber? A. Generally this is the colour of the timber prior to any coating/finishing  or a fully sanded timber surface.  _____________________________________________________________________ Q. Will my wood flooring need to be primed before applying Bona Traffic HD Raw? A. Yes, it is very important to use a bona primer. Due to the strength of Bona traffic HD a Bona primer will help prevent side bonding (joining individual planks/pieces together) allowing timber to move with fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  ______________________________________________________________________ Q. What is the best primer for the raw look? A. One coat of Bona Natural primer.  ______________________________________________________________________  Q. How much will 5L of Traffic HD cover ?  A. As a general rule 1L of lacquer will cover approximately 10m2 of timber flooring, this means 5L of Traffic HD will cover approximately 50m2 in total (one coat). Although 5L has been known to cover up to 60m2 (one coat). ______________________________________________________________________ Q. Does Bona traffic HD Raw work on all timber species? A. The quick answer is yes, however the best results seem to be on pine and oak timber floors. Due to the white pigment used in the Bona natural primer Some exotic hardwoods (red woods etc) may not have the desired effect. 

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