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Discover our comprehensive collection of wood flooring adhesives, featuring top-quality products like Bona R848 Quantum and Lecol PVAC 5500. Bona R848 Quantum offers superior bonding strength with its advanced silane-based formula, providing exceptional elasticity and durability for all types of wood flooring installations. Lecol PVAC 5500 is a versatile adhesive known for its strong initial grab and fast setting time, making it ideal for a variety of wood flooring applications. Both adhesives are easy to apply and ensure long-lasting, reliable results. Perfect for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, our wood flooring adhesives deliver the performance and dependability needed for flawless installations. Trust in our premium adhesives to secure your wood floors with precision and confidence, ensuring they stay beautiful and resilient for years to come. Choose our top-tier wood flooring adhesives for unmatched quality and results in every project.

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  • Bona R848 15kg Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Bona R848 Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 15Kg

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    Bona R848 is an elastic, 1-component silane wood floor adhesive. A high performance formulation that is ideal for the installation of engineered wood flooring including engineered parquet flooring. Can also be used for solid boards up to 190mm wide.KEY BENEFITS Easy to apply Fast initial bonding strength Allows load after 24 hours Up to two years' shelf life Great rib stability Compatible with underfloor heating Coverage dependant on trowel used 850 - 1250G Tensions to the sub floor are reduced. The adhesive hardens by a chemical reaction with moisture. Suitable subfloors; timber and screed Cementitious screed (CT) according to EN 13813 Floors levelled with levelling compounds (at least 2 mm thick, resistant against plasticizer migration) Calcium sulfate screed (CA) according to EN 13813 Chipboard V100 Other dry and sound sub floors Floor Preparation Subfloor preparation should be in accordance with British Standard.

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  • Bona Quantum 15kg Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Bona Quantum Wood Flooring Adhesive 15kg Tub

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    A hard-elastic, 1-component silane wood flooring adhesive. A true all rounder suitable for practically all types of wood flooring and subfloors, in particular solid and wide engineered wood floors. Its hard-elastic properties make it strong and resistant against movement of wood while relieving tension on the sub floor. Key Benefits Fast initial bonding strength allows load after 24 hours Up to two years' shelf life Great rib stability Can be used on outdoor decks Direct use on tiles and metal Compatible with underfloor heating Coverage dependant on trowel size : 850 - 1500g/m2 Product Advantages Adhesive hardens due to a chemical reaction with moisture. Technical Spec Open time: Approx 40mins* Drying time, until: - Application of load: 24-48hrs Under normal climate conditions, 20°C/60% R.H. Note: Please also refer to the instructions for use provided by the parquet manufacturer. Application Before using the adhesive the following climatic conditions must be met: Air temperature: min. 18°C Floor temperature: min. 15°C (with underfloor heating max. 20°C) R.H: max. 70 %- The adhesive itself must, if necessary, be brought to the right temperature. Apply with a or notched trowel

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  • Osmo MS Trade Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 15kg - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo MS Trade Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 15kg

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    OSMOUK MS Trade is a one component adhesive specially formulated for the interior installation of parquet block, engineered wood plank as well as pre-finished and unfinished solid wood flooring. Solvent and isocyanate free, with negligible VOC content and low odour. Thanks to the special formulation the adhesive has great early strength build for immediate grab and quickly builds to a tenacious but elastic bond as the adhesive continues to cure.  Specifications  Approx. coverage: up to 18m² Application climate: 15-30°C, 30-60% RH Size: 15KG Suitable for use with under floor heating 100% solids and low odour Water and solvent free Isocyanate free High strength Waterproof bond Early quick grab Meets environmental emissions according to DIBt

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  • Lecol 5500 Adhesive - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Lecol 5500 Wood Flooring Adhesive

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    Lecol 5500 Parquet Flooring Adhesive is solvent-based and can be used for all types of wood. It is suitable for installation on absorbent and non-absorbent sub-floors meaning that it can be universally applied. In many cases Lecol 5500 can even be used to install pre-finished parquet without any problems. Our customers consistently report first class results with Lecol 5500 and it comes highly recommended by Professionals. Key Features  Lecol 5500 Parquet Adhesive is ready to use Very strong adhesion Excellent filling properties High level of initial grab Lecol 5500 can be used with underfloor heating  Lecol 5500 is widely used by professional floor fitters Coverage: 0.9kg per m2 Universally applicable Economical application Available in 6kg and 16kg tin. Application with Glue Trowel 

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