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  • Tongue-Tite Tongue and Groove Screw 3.5 x 45mm Torx Drive Zinc Yellow (Box of 200) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Tongue-Tite Tongue and Groove Screw 3.5 x 45mm Torx Drive Zinc Yellow (Box of 200)

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    Hidden removable fixing for all tongue and groove flooring, including hard and softwoods and fibreboards. Tri-Lock TS thread won't split timber, won't loosen and requires no pilot hole. No more glues, nails or squeaky boards. Boards can be lifted without damage. Self-countersinking lost head. Yellow net coating. 200 screws will fix up to 10m². Small Head Fixes Flush for an Almost Hidden Finish Carbon Steel Construction Net-Coat Yellow-Plated Wax-Coated Thread-Cutting Partially Threaded TS Thread System Offers a Single & Twin Thread in One, Gripping Fast with a Firm Fix Free TX10 Driver Bit

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  • Floor-Tite Tri-Lock Pozi Screw (Box of 200) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Floor-Tite Tri-Lock Pozi Screw (Box of 200)

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    Floor-Tite has been developed to meet the needs of fibre and wooden floor boarding, it provides a flush neat fix without damaging the flooring board. It also ensures squeaky boards are a thing of the past. When the boards are walked upon, Floor-Tite will not work loose - once in, it stays in. Available in two different lengths - 45mm and 55mm to match most fibre boards.  Unlike nails, Floor-Tite is removable. It won't damage the board if removed at a later date.  Perfect for all flooring – softwood, fibreboard, hardwood  Won’t work loose – no more squeaky boards  Flush, neat fix without damaging board  Easy to drive in with no pilot hole necessary  Removable – won’t damage the board if removed

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  • Tongue-Tite Plus Stainless Steel T&G Screw (box of 200) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Tongue-Tite Plus Stainless Steel T&G Screw (box of 200)

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    Tongue-Tite Plus is the easy fix for installing tongue and groove wood flooring and cladding. All its features have a purpose and are not just for fancy. Its single course thread has been designed to eliminate the ream out of the floor boarding, giving high pull out retention. In other words - no more squeaky boards!  The star recess provides greater grip and control on application whilst the narrow countersunk head gives a neat flush fix to allow the next board to sit in place. Unlike messy glues and nails Tongue-Tite Plus can be removed without damaging the timber should floor boards or cladding need to be moved in the future.    The ideal screw for exterior use such as cladding and tongue & groove boards Stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance Hidden Removable Two free T10 driver bits in each box Available in three sizes - 3.5 x 32mm/3.5 x 45mm/3.5 x 49mm Due to the nature of stainless steel, if you are using this product on hardwoods please drill a pilot hole

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  • SCREW-TITE COMPACT ORGANISER (PACK OF 460 POZI SCREWS) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Screw-Tite Compact Organiser (Pack Of 460 Pozi Screws)

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    No need to waste time hunting for the right screw, it’s right here in this handy organiser case. The case contains 460 high performance Screw-Tite pozi driv screws in the most commonly used sizes. Screw-Tite screws come with a number of advantages. Tri-Lock Threadform combines the benefits of twin and single thread in one screw. You get a quick and balanced start and finish with high pull-out resistance. No need to spend time drilling pilot holes. They can be driven into most materials without the need to pilot. Use with confidence in softwood, hardwood etc. These are high strength screws with correctly formed recesses especially suitable for cordless screwdrivers. The double-countersunk head has cutting edge ribs that ream and self-countersink for a clean flush finish. All screws PZ2, zinc and yellow passivated, includes full and partial thread. Contents: 125 - 3.5 x 16mm 100 - 3.5 x 20mm 80 - 3.5 x 30mm 40 - 4 x 40mm 30 - 4 x 50mm 35 - 4 x 60mm 20 - 5 x 50mm 30 - 5 x 70mm Key Features Tri-Lock thread for fast start and high pull-out resistance No need for pilot holes, use in softwoods and hardwoods Self-countersinking for a clean flush finish Reduced insertion torque for longer battery run time High performance pozi PZ2 screws Zinc and yellow passivated, high corrosion resistance

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