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Wood floor Repair kits

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  • Osmo Repair Kit - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo Repair Kit

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    The Osmo Repair Kit can be used for making good any cracks, scratches and dents in all exterior and interior wooden surfaces. The included wax sticks are made from a blend of mineral waxes, coloured with earth and oxide dyes. Key Features For repairing scratches, dents, cracks and splits in exterior and interior wooden surfaces Suitable for solid wood, veneer, foil, thermosetting, thermoplastic & plastic surfaces Wax sticks can be mixed during melting to produce unique shades for repairs Good elasticity meaning no development of cracks Quick and easy to use. Kit Contains 6 x 8gm wax filler sticks of various colours Heat pen Batteries X 2 For an alternative interior wood filler, why not try Osmo Interior Wood Filler or Osmo Interior Gap Sealer For extra wax sticks, use Osmo Wax Stick Refill Pack Application Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability and final finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the container at all times.Liquify the wax filler stick or sticks with the heated melting knife and drop the melted wax filler into the damaged area until the scratch, hole or imperfection in the wood is slightly overfilled.When the wax filler has dried, use the grooved handle of the melting tool to plane the repaired area, removing any excess surface waxTo restore the grain pattern of the filled area, scratch the surface of the repair area lightly with a pointed item, then re-fill with the grain shade of waxRemove any final filler residues by polishing lightly with the grey finishing pad included within the Osmo Repair KitPlease note: The clear wax filler stick can be used to fill pressure indentations in the timber.

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  • Osmo Wax Sticks Refill Pack for Repair Set - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Osmo Wax Sticks Refill Pack for Repair Set

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    Osmo wax stick refill pack is a handy kit of 10 refill sticks in different wood shades. It can be used as a refill for Osmo Repair Kit, or used on their own with an alternative heat source to melt the wax.

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  • Flooring Adhesive Syringe Re-usable (3 Needles) - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

    Janser Flooring Adhesive Syringe Re-usable (3 Needles)

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    Adhesive Syringe (3 Needles) can be used with Bona R200 to inject adhesive under wood flooring to stop creaking. Adhesive Syringe, this unlikely floor fitting tool can be an absolute life saver! When you find yourself faced with movement/creaks in your flooring this is the best and fastest solution to the problem. Dill a hole large enough to receive the needle, load your syringe with the correct adhesive and inject it into the void. Add some weight and time will sort the problem, no need to uplift and reapply adhesive to the entire floor area. Syringe comes with three replacement needle which are safely stored in the plunger. Please note these are very sharp. Remember to clean out needle and syringe with solvent after use. 

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