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Understanding Bona Lacquer Finishes - Wiltshire Wood Flooring Supplies

Understanding Bona Lacquer Finishes

, by Alex Hill, 4 min reading time

**Understanding Bona Wood Floor Finishes**

Wood floor finishes play a vital role in both the protection and enhancement of your hardwood floors. They serve to seal and safeguard the wood while also determining the final appearance of your floors. When it comes to Bona finishes, there are several aspects to consider:

**1. Bona Traffic HD: The Epitome of Durability**

*Bona Traffic HD* is renowned for its exceptional durability and is often the top choice for high-traffic areas in homes and commercial spaces. Here's what you need to know:

- *Durability:* Traffic HD offers outstanding protection against wear and tear, making it perfect for busy spaces like kitchens, hallways, and living rooms.

- *Gloss Levels:* It can provide a high-gloss finish, which not only looks beautiful but also adds a layer of strength to your wood floors through to an extra Matte finishes provide a flat, non-reflective surface. They give wood floors a natural, rustic appearance, enhancing the wood's character.

- *Application:* While professional application is recommended for the best results, it's well worth it for the long-lasting protection and stunning appearance.

**2. Bona Mega: Balancing Beauty and Strength**

*Bona Mega* strikes an excellent balance between aesthetics and durability:

- *Durability:* While slightly less heavy-duty than Traffic HD, Bona Mega still offers robust protection for your wood floors.

- *Gloss Level:* It provides a high-gloss finish, enhancing the natural beauty of your wood while providing solid defense.

- *Application:* Easier to apply than Traffic HD, Mega is a favorite among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

**3. Bona Mega One: Simplified Excellence**

*Bona Mega One* is a fantastic option for those who want quality and simplicity:

- *Durability:* Mega One offers durability comparable to Mega, suitable for most residential applications.

- *Gloss Level:* It provides a clear finish with a slightly lower gloss level, offering a more subdued appearance through to an extra Matte finishes provide a flat, non-reflective surface. They give wood floors a natural, rustic appearance, enhancing the wood's character.

- *Application:* Known for its user-friendly application process, Mega One is an excellent choice for those looking to tackle their wood floor project themselves as you can apply three coats without having to incorporate a primer.

**4. Primer Compatibility: Preparing the Canvas**

Choosing the right primer is crucial when working with Bona finishes. 


- *Bona Prime Intense* For a medium rich wood colouration. Excellent abrasion properties and highly suitable for floors with underfloor heating and/or moving floors such as end grain or plank floors. Suitable on practically all types of wood and especially on tropical wood. Overcoat with Bona Traffic HD or Bona Mega in the desired sheen level.  

- *Bona Classic Primer:* Provides the classic "wet look" Ideal for use with top coats of Bona Traffic HD and Bona Mega it ensures a strong bond between the finish and the wood surface.

- *Bona Prime Natural:* Bona Natural Primer is a coloured waterborne primer for untreated wood floors designed to give an untreated, raw wood look. It can be applied in one or two coats to achieve the desired appearance. Highly forgiving formulation designed for easy roller application for preserving the wood's natural unfinished look we recommend finishing with Bona Mega Raw or Bona Traffic HD Raw. 

- *Bona White Primer:* Bona White is a coloured waterborne primer for untreated wood floors designed to give a whitewashed appearance on lighter wood species. The intensity and depth of colour can be controlled by the number of applications. Applied in a single layer it typically gives a light whitewashed appearance and on some wood species can produce an impression of raw, untreated wood. For a more solid white feel two, or more, applications may be made. The highly forgiving formulation is designed for easy roller application, For the best appearance finish Bona White with Traffic HD RawTraffic HD Extra Matt or Bona Mega ONE Extra Matt.




    **5. Personalizing Your Space**

    Ultimately, your choice of finish should align with your preferences and the unique characteristics of your space. Consider factors like the level of foot traffic, your desired gloss level, and whether you want to preserve the wood's natural appearance or create a specific aesthetic.

    Whether you opt for the robust protection of Bona Traffic HD, the balance of beauty and strength with Bona Mega, or the simplicity of Bona Mega One, you can trust Bona's reputation for quality and excellence in wood floor finishes.

    Make your selection, pair it with the appropriate primer, and embark on your wood floor finishing project with confidence, knowing you're enhancing both the durability and beauty of your hardwood floors.

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