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Lecol 5500 Adhesive

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Lecol 5500 Parquet Flooring Adhesive is solvent-based and can be used for all types of wood. It is suitable for installation on absorbent and non-absorbent sub-floors meaning that it can be universally applied. In many cases Lecol 5500 can even be used to install pre-finished parquet without any problems. Our customers consistently report first class results with Lecol 5500 and it comes highly recommended by Professionals.

Advantages of Lecol 5500 include:
  • Lecol 5500 Parquet Adhesive is ready to use
  • Very strong adhesion
  • Excellent filling properties
  • High level of initial grab
  • Lecol 5500 can be used with underfloor heating - see below
  • Lecol 5500 is widely used by professional floor fitters
  • Universally applicable
  • Economical application
  • Supplied in a 16kg tin.